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At Scratch Bakery Cafe, we bake handmade breads fresh every day, the way bread has been made for centuries in Europe. We use the finest all-natural ingredients and leaven our doughs with natural starters. Our skilled artisan baker then shapes each loaf by hand to preserve the open, airy structure of the dough. The loaves are allowed to rise slowly to enhance the complex flavors of the wheat. Finally, the bread is scored by hand and baked in our specialty ovens to create its beautiful caramel-colored, crunchy crust.
 Our mission as a small, artisan bakery is to strive for excellence in everything we do, from the handcrafted breads and pastries we bake to the coffee we brew. We hope to provide friendly, efficient customer service and a pleasant atmosphere to enjoy breakfast, lunch or an afternoon break.
We seek out the finest ingredients, buying organic, local, and small-producer items whenever possible. We respect the environment by using all-natural, biodegradable cleaning products, by recycling, and by using as many sustainably produced ingredients as possible. And, we like to be involved in our community by making charitable donations to several local arts, educational, and humanitarian organizations.